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Some about our affiliate service.

After having registered in the affiliate program you receive the unique code of partner, that you should to place to the link to the site of our service. The link looks in such way:
ID is your registered identification.

In the case the visitor comes to the site through link with your ID, the coming is written on the visitor's computer in cookies. So, the system "remembers" the visitor. Every time your visitor comes to the shop, your ID is checked by system and you receive the affiliate shares from every purchase.

You may receive the money when you gain $100 or more. If you want to receive the money, you gained, contact the help service to indicate the way of transferring. The expenses for transferring are charged from the transferred sum.

Certainly, you know quite well what to do with the referral link, for it to work for our mutual profit. But we'll try to share our ideas about it with you.

The idea of the efficiency is very simple: the more visitors you attract to our site, the more chances that they will make purchases, the more money you earn as our partner. At the same time, the efficiency of these proportions depends upon the auditory that you send to our site, i.e. the target auditory will be more efficient for us and, certainly, for you. For example, if you send us the traffic by link artmam.com/ID, the visitor comes to our main page. If you send the visitor to fine-art.artmam.com/ID, he comes to the department of fine art, if erotic-art.artmam.com/ID, he comes to the department of erotic art. In short words, you know your traffic very well and you may send a visitor to the place where he may find what exactly he needs. In such way you may affiliate a department, the personal page of an artist or even the personal page of a painting or drawing, if you want to know how, ask us and we'll help you.

In such way, with the simple placing of the reciprocal link with your referral ID you start your affiliate work. It will be more efficient if you place the link in the more convenient part of your page, traditionally, the best place for that is the top right side. The link in such place will increase your possibility to work more efficiently.

If you are the creative person that is declined to the writing of articles, reviews or resumes you may write the articles about our artists and place your referral link below, it also will make your affiliate cooperation more efficient for you.

You may affiliate our site not only on your site, but in the internet community you visit or on any message board in internet; the referral link placed in such way will also work for your benefit.

If you are advanced technically (you are the programmer or designer), we may help you how to use your skills in our affiliate program. For example, we may load our art works to your site by any features you definite.

If you have any questions or ideas, please, use this form to contact us.

Spamming is forbidden in our affiliate program since we respect our clients and their rights.
Thus, if you make any kind of spamming, our company will be forced to stop cooperation with you.
That is why, please, be gentle and follow fair marketing procedures.