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This page will show the info about your account and the history of transferring of money to your address.

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Transaction of money

Dear Your Name,
Traditionally we arrange the way of transferring money with every customer personally. We arrange this question only when an affiliate earns the sum not less than $100.
The traditional ways of transferring money are as follows:
- Money transferring to your bank account
- Money transferring to your PayPal account
- transferring by money order
- transferring by Western Union
- another variants on arrangement
The choice of variant depends upon the country you inhabit in and upon your personal wish.

Transferring proceeds once per month, in the period between the 20th and 27th of the month. We transfer only the sums higher than $100. The expenses for transferring are charged from the customer's amount. Exactly for this reason the customer may demand us to delay the transferring for him to economize. To arrange the way of payment or any other questions, please, contact us.