FINE ART is the department of that represents Original Contemporary Ukrainian Fine Art. It contains the art works of different styles that is so typical for contemporary art. Here you will find impressionism, expressionism, realism, abstractionism and even fauvism and cubism. You can admire bright colors and plots, diversity of themes and subjects inspiring artists to create such wonderful original paintings.

PORTRAIT is the department of where you can commission Personal or Group Portrait from photo. Our artists will turn your treasured photo into a lovely oil painting portrait. All you do is to send us the photograph of your choice and our talented artists will create a beautiful signed oil portrait on high quality canvas.

REDO ART is the department of that represents art works of more than 150 young and talented artists working for our company. They cover all styles and art directions you might be interested in and make order for. Here you can view image database of art works that we paint for our private and corporate clients. The paintings of REDO ART department were done by our artists according to preferences, desires and requests of our clients in art.

MASS ART is the department of that represents kind of Decorative Art for your home. Themes and subjects are not very intricate, but remarkable for good taste and great choice. Our company produces the decorative paintings that are affordable for everyone!

EROTIC ART is the department of that represents Erotic Original Art in all styles and directions.

SENSUAL ART Adult is erotic department as well that represents all the sensual fantasies that one can imagine at affordable prices.

UKRAINE IN ART is the department of that represents various views of Ukraine. Here you may see almost all the picturesque corners of Crimea, Carpathian, Kiev and other parts of our country.

ART WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT all questions about wholesale cooperation with our company are welcomed here. Please, contacting us.