How to buy art work?

When you chose the art work you like, please, click the button ADD TO BASKET. You may add to your basket as many works as you wish, but it does not mean that you have to buy them all. After you fill the basket with several art works, please, look through them carefully before pressing the button ORDER FORM. If you decide not to buy some art works, please, press DELETE FROM BASKET. If your choice is complete, please, click the button ORDER FORM. You will appear on the page where you need to fill the forms about shipping, like shipping method and special instructions for delivery. Make sure that all forms are filled correctly, after this, please, click ORDER FORM below. Then you will need to choose what payment method you prefer: PayPal or PaySystem. Information you give to payment operator is absolutely private and is accessible ONLY for payment operator. We receive only the confirmation about your payment. If you have any questions about the process "how to buy art work", please, contact us.